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Why Pick Sonia Central?

Leading The Way

Sonia Central was the first workplace placement management solution on the market that is not constrained to a particular sector.

Placement Solutions Pedigree

Developed by Planet Software, the company that created Sonia – the No.1 student placement management software in the world.

You can rest assured that you are dealing with the best. We have a history managing placements that dates back to the last century!

Everything In One Place

Manage multiple education providers via a single unified interface.

Free access via your web browser on your computer, notebook or tablet - saving you both time and money!

Capacity planning and management

You can define your organizational structure, along with users and their roles/permissions: whether your CEO needs quick/simple access to view reports, department managers need to define capacity, or staff need to see available capacity against placements.

Capacity can be defined ahead of time, and adjusted as time progresses with flexibility to define against particular shifts and/or disciplines, in bulk or singularly.

Quickly see mismatches between capacity and placements, allowing you to make adjustments to maximize efficiency.

Manage student placements

Enter Sonia Central: placement information from all the education providers that you deal with can be centralised and aggregated in one place.

Whilst the education providers have been able to use Sonia to manage the placement process from their perspective since 1999, those providing the actual placements have had to rely upon Excel spreadsheets or in-house tools to try and juggle everything.

Sonia Central eliminates the hard and time consuming work that more manual approaches require, making work placement management within your organization faster and more efficient.

If you are dealing with Sonia education providers, then this information is available in real-time. If not, then non-Sonia education providers can still participate and upload their data.

Reporting and Dashboard

Numerous reports and dashboard views are available with filtering allowing you to define where in your organizational hierarchy you wish to view from, whether a high level overview or lower down details.

Whether you want to see capacity usage, placement requests, confirmations, allocations, students, etc. all are within a click, and can be exported to common formats like PDF, Excel, etc.

License free!*

Significant discounts are available if the education providers you are dealing with are using Sonia to manage their student placements, to the point that Sonia Central can be license free!

You choose where you want to host the software; whether your own local servers, dedicated cloud hosting (we recommend Microsoft Azure) or our Microsoft Azure Sonia Central cloud service.

Contact us for details about your support requirements so that we can formulate a service level agreement that fits with your expectations and budget.

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